As the largest steel producer on the African continent, ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) has enjoyed a close and collaborative relationship with leading rental company Renttech SA, over the past four years, involving equipment rentals and consumables; as well as support with maintenance and on-site repairs

“Our core business with Renttech SA is to buy and rent welding equipment and - from time to time - to ask for sound technical advice. The relationship that AMSA enjoys with Renttech as a service provider, over the past four years, has been extremely good,” says Philip Terblanche, Manager NDE and Inspection Department and Welding Specialist at ArcelorMittal.

“We have not only been able to secure consumables — including generators, distribution (‘DB’) boards, welding machines, torch consumables and welding wire, used in shutdowns, breakdowns, and repairs on all the furnaces and boilers — but Renttech has also assisted AMSA to safeguard productivity, owing to their quick response in suppling welding equipment at short notice,” he adds.

Terblanche describes an instance of how Renttech saved the day with the solutions they offered: “One of the most recent example which stands out, is when our Blast Furnace N5 in Newcastle required urgent repairs. The timeline was critical, as there was significant damage to equipment, that required the replacement of a tap hole patch. The fabrication and installation of the 3m x 3m x 600mm-thick patch would take 10 days, and I had to find a solution to speed up the welding process. The only recommendation was to change the welding process from SMAW to FCAW,” he explains.

Terblanche contacted Renttech, and the next day, there were 4 big generators, 10 FCAW welding machines, and 320Kg welding consumables on site.

He comments, “With a 24-hour Renttech technician on site, we completed the welding in a record time of just 32 hours!”

Terblanche believes that it is Renttech’s availability at very short notice, and the staff’s product knowledge and experience - coupled with the company’s dedicated assistance and customer service to ArcelorMittal – which resulted in a successful solution for every project. 

“This builds mutual trust that the next job will be handled professionally and thoroughly, every time. Renttech’s consumables are affordable and they adhere to the highest standards. When we first considered Renttech, I undertook benchmarking as well as audits on other companies, and Renttech’s equipment and service surpassed that of all their competitors,” he adds with enthusiasm.

“I already recommend them to all our on-site fabricators; as well as other small companies and for private-use to individuals.”

In conclusion he says: “I look forward to being able to call on Renttech for many years in the future, to support us in our cost-savings and continue to provide us with their excellent customer and after-sales service.”   

Anmar Construction

Renttech’s reputation for offering not only personalised rental solutions, but also tailored customer support and service excellence, is well-founded.

A customer which can verify this claim is Anmar Construction, specialists in metallurgy-related repairs, including for blast furnaces, industrial furnaces, smelting furnaces, emergency smelter repairs, industrial stove repairs and more.

Renttech Rustenburg and Anmar Construction have a relationship enduring well over 12 years, with Anmar hiring rental assets across a broad spectrum, including lifting gear, compressors, generators, jack hammers, Co2 welding machines, pneumatic equipment and more.

Says Roland Smith, Projects Coordinator Manager, Anmar Construction, Canada: “In all our dealings with Renttech we find them professional with deep product knowledge - and always willing to help. Renttech provides rental solutions, with the main products supplied to Anmar in the lifting and welding range, used extensively throughout our many metallurgical construction projects in South Africa.

Within the supply of welding equipment, new products are often highlighted, and training sessions arranged for the Anmar team to become proficient - and more efficient - in the use of this equipment,” he notes.

“Renttech ensures that we know what our customers want - and what their expectations are – with speedy supply of the right equipment to assist them being our top priority!” says Zelda Labuschagne, Renttech Rustenburg’s Rental Manager.

She adds: “All our customers enjoy a special contract pricing agreement on long-term projects; and we also provide our customers with a top-quality, 24/7 service. If there is one rule that we live by at the Rustenburg branch, it is our customer service ethos, and we only give of our best!”

Smith adds: “Renttech’s dependable and cost-effective solutions enable Anmar Construction to offer our own services with confidence; as all Renttech’s solutions are not only reliable but well-suited to our requirements. We also purchase PPE, welding consumables, general contractor’s tools, Spider Webb safety harnesses, slings, and power tools amongst other equipment.”

“Our customer service will always come first, and it is on this basis that we build such successful relationships which endure over many years,” Labuschagne comments.

“Renttech is always open to constructive input and on this, I would suggest that perhaps going forward, there could be an open day with other customers’ companies, where new products and ideas could be shared and would assist in greater networking in the industry,” Smith suggests.

“That said, Renttech will continue to be the first stop for Anmar Construction when it comes to rental solutions,” he concludes.