It all starts with lifting: Renttech South Africa’s Unilift range of lifting and rigging equipment provides both peace of mind and value for money

The role that lifting and rigging plays in industry is often underestimated, but in many cases an entire industrial process both starts and ends with the lifting of heavy materials. Indeed, lifting is an integral part of most industries, from mining to manufacturing, construction to engineering, which is why Renttech South Africa has experienced exponential growth in its lifting and rigging business over the past eight years.

Under its own brand, Unilift, Renttech supplies a range of lifting equipment to industries throughout southern Africa, both through sales and short- and long-term rental. The range of equipment includes chain blocks and lever hoists, rope winches, beam clamps, beam crawls, web slings and lashings; as well as all the hardware (such as lifting rings and shackles) associated with any lifting and rigging application.

“Over the years, Renttech has built up long-term supplier relationships with customers in a number of industries, including construction, petrochemical, manufacturing, ship building, mining, power generation, agriculture and transport,” says Martiens Opperman, Renttech South Africa’s Operations Manager.

“Our lifting and rigging customers return to Renttech as a trusted partner on their projects, knowing that all our equipment is fully up-to-date when it comes to testing and certification.”

Renttech’s chain blocks and lever hoists are CSIR-tested, meet SANS specifications and carry the international CE mark. They are subject to further tests through the CSIR once a year, as a minimum, and are re-certified on an annual basis. Regular batch tests on web slings are also done by CSIR.

“When it comes to lifting, be it 1 ton or 20 tons, there obviously are inherent risks, which is why safety is the all-important consideration at Renttech,” says Opperman. “Renttech’s ongoing research and development (R&D) is geared specifically towards enhanced safety, as well as minimising maintenance requirements.”

Two new products, recently introduced to the market by Renttech, exemplify this: the Unilift KV lever hoist and KII chain block series both feature built-in overload protection systems and anti-corrosion properties.

“The Unilift-K II chain block series (1 ton to 20 tons) is heavy-duty and ideal for mining applications and in coastal environments, thanks to its plated parts and grade 100 galvanised alloy load chain. The fused brake discs and all-steel construction also make for exceptional durability,” says Adele van Zyl, Rigging Product Manager at Renttech South Africa.

“The Unilift-KV series of lever hoists (from 0.8 to 6.3 tons) are lightweight but robust, and also feature a fused brake disc system which offers minimised ‘wear and tear’. The anti-rusting zinc-plated grade 100 load chain further increases its life cycle,” van Zyl comments.

Renttech takes pride in its back-up service and full spares stock holding, which make for exceptional levels of customer convenience. The company’s qualified lifting machinery inspectors (LMIs) and lifting tackle inspectors (LTIs) mean that all machinery and load testing can also be done in-house should the customers require it.

Included in the company’s network of 22 branches around South Africa and Namibia is Renttech Cape Town, which, with its own lifting tackle inspector (LTI), provides convenience and expert back-up for the company’s Western Cape customers.

“Our involvement in a variety of industrial undertakings, including many high profile petrochemical shut-downs as well as key power generation construction projects, means that our offering to the lifting and rigging market extends far beyond that of supplier or distributor.

Our project managers are able to draw on extensive experience to provide expert advice, working closely alongside our customers’ own rigging personnel to find a lifting solution which provides not only peace of mind, but the highest quality and value for money,” Opperman concludes.