A compact ‘all-in-one’ welding solution: new Multi-process inverter provides customers with new levels of versatility and efficiency

In South Africa’s current energy crisis, all industries have been forced to re-examine the efficiencies of their processes and equipment. Renttech South Africa is pleased to introduce a welding solution to their customers which ‘ticks all the boxes’ when it comes to operational and energy efficiency.

The Multiarc 350 Compact multi-process inverter is a robust, lightweight unit which offers customers an easy transition between multiple welding processes, bringing new levels of versatility to the end-user, as well as cost-saving advantages.

“The Multiarc 350 represents highly efficient inverter technology which draws 30% less current than traditional rectifiers,” says Johan Bester, Welding Product Manager at Renttech South Africa. “The multi-process capability essentially allows for one machine to do the work of two or three machines, providing further operational efficiencies and cost benefits.”

Another significant benefit is the fact that the unit is generator-compatible, while meeting all mining safety specifications. The dual voltage of 380V and 525V enables flexibility on a mining operation, be it workshop or plant, without risk of damage to PC boards.

“Being generator-compatible makes the unit relevant for customers who have been forced to install generators in their workshops to ensure continuity in their production process. Traditionally machines that did not have this safety feature would have encountered damaged PC boards and components from typically older generators that did not supply consistent power to the machines,” explains Bester.

“The inverter benefit also applies to generators as its current draw is less on a generator, making for better fuel efficiency; and, depending on the size of the generator, the ability to run more machines off the same generator.”

The Multiarc 350 offers easy transition between welding processes, that is, both MIG and TIG, as well as FCAW; and is recommended for carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel applications. Added advantages include a built-in wire feeder with dual drive system and quick polarity change when welding FCAW gasless wires.

“Because of the flexibility and the easy change between processes, the multi-process machine is becoming increasingly sought-after. This is because many welding jobs combine two or more processes in the same joint, for example TIG for root and fill, followed by flux-cored gas assisted wires for capping,” notes Bester.

Not only do inverters offer better energy consumption than traditional rectifiers, but they have the added benefit of producing more refined arc characteristics, according to Bester, which has a direct impact on weld quality. In addition, the Multiarc 350 weighs approximately half of its rectifier counterparts, which significantly enhances the mobility of the unit.

“This is a huge advantage, in that the unit can be moved from workshop to site, and so the job is not limited to one area, such as a production line.

The Multiarc 350 compact inverter has application in numerous industries, including mining, engineering, construction, fabrication and automotive. Its robust design means that it is well suited to extreme African operating conditions; and its competitive pricing point and 3 year warranty make it a compelling option. Renttech SA is also proud to offer our customers the benefit of our product expertise and full service backup on this unit,” Bester concludes.