Torch Support with Torch Oscillator

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Torch Support with Torch Oscillator

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1 x OSC 8 Pendulum Oscillator (00041249)
1 x OSC 8 Power Supply (00041250)
1 x Freestanding Support (00041251)

The OSC 8 Pendulum Oscillator is designed to oscillate MIG/MAG torches with the diameter of 16–22 mm (5/8–7/8”). The oscillator is installed onto a 22 mm (7/8”) diameter rod and connected to a welding device. It can be controlled manually or by using an external STARTSTOP switch. Using an optional freestanding support allows welding of rotating pipes or moving plates. An optional power supply allows connecting the oscillator to a 230 V or 115V power source. OSC-8 is suitable for MIG/MAG automate processes in heavy fabrication industries such as: pipeline and bridge construction, shipbuilding and tank welding.


  • lightweight and compact design 
  • two control modes: manual and external start 
  • four adjustable parameters (oscillation width, oscillation speed, oscillation dwell time on ends) 
  • simple control panel (four knobs) 
  • can work as stand-alone device or be a part 
  • of more advanced welding system 
  • optimal solution for various welding applications 
  • real improvement of the welding process 
  • uniform and high quality welding 
  • supply voltage 14-24 V (direct connection to the welding carriage or an external automation system) 
  • optional power supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC