‘Uplifting’ local industry: Kelmeg’s dedication to innovation, quality and customer service

Lifting and rigging is a fundamental industrial activity, using a wide range of products throughout all industry sectors. Kelmeg Lifting Services (KLS), founded in 1991, is South Africa’s leading specialist in manufacturing and supplying equipment for lifting, rigging and lashing. With a proud 26-year track record, the company has grown into a thriving operation. Its portfolio of products is marketed throughout South Africa via an established distribution network.

KLS General Manager Rodney Young and his team are extremely passionate about the lifting industry and their company; which, in 2016, became part of Bidvest Commercial Products division when the holding company Brandcorp was purchased.

Innovation is a pivotal focal area for KLS, and has been crucial to its continued success. Young explains that every year they invest substantially in research and development (R&D) to further improve their product offering – and to develop new lifting, rigging and lashing solutions in response to customer requirements.

An example of Kelmeg’s current new product research is analysing ways in which to monitor the physical location of lifting equipment. “Traceability is a vital aspect of supply chain management, and we are therefore evaluating solutions which will assist in simplifying this requirement,” he explains.

There is no sector of industry that does not need to lift, rig or lash at some stage. Kelmeg therefore continues to look beyond the industries it traditionally services, to explore further opportunities where the company could be of service.

While KLS manufactures and supplies standard ranges of products, it is also able provide customers with solutions which are tailored to their specific requirements.

“For example, the lifting solution offered must be manufactured according to the correct and relevant specification and requirement of the lift,” comments Young.

“In addition, we can consult on the particular requirements of the specific lifting equipment or tackle. Furthermore, as we manufacture locally at our East Rand facility, our lead times are very short,” he adds.

“Another advantage of this is that we are able to maintain close control over all aspects of manufacturing and quality,” he continues.

“We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and manufacture according to the SANS 94/1 2003 and SANS 94/2 2003 standards,” he comments. KLS employs both qualified Lifting Machinery Inspectors (LMIs) and trained Lifting Tackle Inspectors (LTI’s). “These LMI qualifications are also recognised by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA),” he says.

Quality and customer service is a vital consideration in industry sectors when there are major scheduled maintenance events – for example at oil and gas refineries or power stations. Kelmeg supplies large quantities of lifting, rigging and lashing equipment to the sub-contractors involved in these projects.

“We are very proactive in our approach to these opportunities, and work hard to ensure the successful completion of these crucially important maintenance events,” he continues.

“No matter what our customers’ lifting, rigging or lashing requirements are – we are always able to provide them with the best solution,” he concludes.