An ‘uplifting experience’ of excellence – Kelmeg meets growing demand for top-class lifting and rigging equipment

Since 1991, Kelmeg Lifting Services (KLS), based in Wadeville, has provided South African industry with quality lifting and rigging equipment, with a special focus on webbing slings, endless round slings and cargo securing systems. Thanks to their eye for continuous improvement and innovation, however, the company strives to keep up with changing needs in the market, and now boasts a diverse range of products, components and systems, all carefully designed with quality and safety in mind.

Ongoing research and development (R&D) has ensured consistent growth and diversification for the company, particularly during the last five years in which Kelmeg has trebled in size, according to Rodney Young, Factory Manager at Kelmeg.

“We have worked hard to achieve a sustainable footprint in all markets, with a focus on diversity not only in terms of our product portfolio, but also within the industries we serve,” says Young. “We are known as manufacturers of polyester flat webbing slings, endless round slings and cargo securing systems, but now offer a range of other systems, including webbing protectors, vehicle toe-straps, 4 X 4 recovery kits, motorbike straps, tool bags and a host of other lashing components.”

With safety a priority in industries across the board, there is a growing demand for high quality rigging and lifting components. When lifting a substantial weight, such as 50 tons, there is much at stake, Young points out.

“Safety is becoming an increasingly critical factor for businesses to consider, and we are mindful too of changing legislation in this regard. It boils down to a quality product, and at Kelmeg we are proud of our high standards, as borne out by our ISO accreditation,” he says, noting that Kelmeg also manufactures according to the SANS 94-1 and SANS 94-2 specifications, as required by the latest DMR (Driven Machinery Regulations).

Young also pays tribute to his staff of 40, many of them with extensive experience and intellectual capital. Of vital importance to the business is the ongoing training that Kelmeg provides across the board. This includes the recognised outsourced training courses for the LMI (lifting machinery inspector) and LTI (lifting tackle inspector) qualifications. “There is a consistent need for LMIs and LTIs, particularly in the mining sector, and Kelmeg is proud to be able to provide industry with this level of expertise and service,” says Young.

A division of Renttech South Africa since 2011, Kelmeg has built up strong relationships with its extensive network of distributors, both nationally and internationally. Through its distributors, the company has a presence in most industries, including petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, construction, agriculture, shipping, engineering and manufacturing, among others.

“What we offer is versatility, quality and exceptional lead times – as well as competitive prices. We run a ‘tight ship’, working smartly and efficiently, with no waste of labour – and we are able to pass on these efficiencies to our distributor network,” Young points out.

While offering a range of standard flat webbing, endless round slings and cargo securing systems, Kelmeg also caters for individual requirements, according to specific applications.

“We have an innovative and versatile approach to what we do, growing and developing according to the market – and there is always something new in the pipeline!” Young concludes.